Water Counseling for Community Service Program at Pandak, Bantul, DIY


Program Penyediaan Air Minum dan Sanitasi Berbasis Masyarakat, or PAMSIMAS, is one of Indonesian government approaches to provide clean water access to people especially on rural areas, which put the people as the agent of the whole program; starting from preparation, planning, implementation, operational, and maintenance.

This program aims to educate and train people to identify problems related to water, and provide preventive measures or solutions to halt those problems, including training and infrastructure.

Pamsimas II at Banyuurip village, Caturharjo, Pandak, Bantul, DIY

Well Water

Due to geographical and economical issue, some residents prefer to use their own well water, which unfortunately do not comply with clean water standard, to fulfill their daily needs.

The picture is taken from well owned by Bapak Jumakir, which is used by three families in the neighbourhood

Sanitation Use

The well water is used directly for sanitation without any treatment.

Consumption Use

Whilst for consumption purposes, the water is deposited overnight to reduce its turbidity. During rainy season, the turbidity increases hence the water is unfit for consumption.

KKN-UGM connects iitoya to people

The community service program held annually by Gadjah Mada University meant to connect university students and people, particularly in rural areas, and help them to solve their problems, or to improve their quality of life through knowledge. In this occasion, the KKN-pack assigned in this location asked for iitoya’s advice¬† to improve the water quality at Caturharjo, Pandak, Bantul. Pamsimas II & III have hard water, hence they need water softener to improve the water. The well water samples sent to us were turbid with displeasant odor, hence we advise to use serie FE and 02 from iitoya’s line product. Our advice was forwarded through the villagers through this program.

Bp. Mudoko

Well water

Bp. Jumakir

Well water

Pamsimas II

Public reservoir

IITOYA personally thank KKN program at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) for connecting us to those in need, particularly at rural areas where clean water is insufficient for the whole year. We also open for collaboration to other universities/institutes/companies having the same program as KKN UGM to provide clean water access in Indonesia.

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