How it works

iitoya uses physical separation method to filter specific particles using self-made membrane. Physical separation means separating particles through sieving method, where molecules larger than the membrane pores will be blocked, and molecules smaller will pass through. The size of membrane pores can be adjusted, hence broaden its application from water filtration, blood/protein separation, fish and vegetable industries, up to wastewater treatment.

modul filter iitoya

iitoya makes flat sheet membrane which applicable for fresh water filtration, such as for daily consumption and sanitation, wastewater treatment, modern agriculture, poultry and fish farming, and other type of applications.

For daily consumption, the water source must be fresh-water (not salty or brackish water) with total dissolved solids (TDS) less than 500 ppm, and do not contain heavy metals. Using our jargon “Your clean water solution”, iitoya urges people to use their own water for daily consumption to support water conservation campaign, ensuring abundant stock of groundwater for the next generations.

Aside of membrane based filtration, iitoya also provides water filter that works with adsorption technique to bind certain minerals prior entering membrane pores. There is water softener filter, which is polystirene sulfonat, that is able to adsorp excessive water hardness. The other filter is able to adsorp iron and manganese from water.