4-stage water filtration



4-stage water filter is positioned after PDAM house, or on your main water piping. Each tube has different filtration media that allows easier cleaning and maintenance. Tube#1 has activated sand that reduces Fe content and odor in water. Tube#2 is filled with manganese greensand to absorb Mn, Fe, and H2S in the water. Tube#3 contains activated carbon to purify water, and tube#4 is filled with zeolite sand to adsorb organic compound and heavy metals, as well as improving the water's taste and odor.


Each housing has replaceable tube that fillers can be detached easily from its housing, allowing easy replacement for continuous usage


The system can be used in a household for 6-8 months of use, depending on the water turbidity. Frequent inspection allows longer lifetime of both filter housing as well as filtration media

How to use

The system comes with bracket to attach each housing to the wall, or filter frame. It also equipped with fittings to install to your main water piping. All filtration media inside the tubes are activated, hence containing ashes from furnace process. Thus, initial flushing is compulsory to remove all the ashes from media filtration. The system is then good to go. Check each of the tube regularly to avoid blockage. Stop the flow, remove each tube and wash the filtration media thoroughly, and return the tube back to the housing. Proceed the flow as usual.