Water hardness reduction using ITO-CAL from iitoya.

Water described as “hard” contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk but is a nuisance because of mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures’ and poor soap and or detergent performance. When hard water is heated or evaporates, limescale deposits or thin layer of limescale are created so straining is a must.

Hard water and limescale also bring many inconveniences to daily life. For instance, it is difficult to descale some affected taps, pipes and water heating appliances. Furthermore, hard water also affects your wallet. You need to buy more washing powder, special descaling products and replace damaged appliances. Your energy bill will be higher too. All of this naturally has an impact on the environment – residues of cleaning products end up in drainage water, the mountain of dumped appliances gets higher and fossil fuels become increasingly depleted.

This video shows how ITO-CAL, a water softener series from IITOYA, is able to reduce water hardness just by passing the water through the filter.

We tested the membrane we’ve made using dead-end-cell test prior manufacturing of microfiltration cartridge. The video shows that microfiltration membrane able to purify turbid water from hydroponic industry at Temanggung district, Central Java. The technology uses low pressure to allow the liquid to pass through the membrane, hence allowing the water filter to work at tap pressure only, without the need of additional booster pump.

Membrane processes have increased rapidly over the past decade in potable water production offering several advantages over conventional treatment such as compact module, lower energy consumption, environmental friendliness and high quality product independently on fluctuations in feed quality. Microfiltration has been increasingly used in drinking water treatment as an alternative technology to conventional filtration and clarification, in order to remove particles, turbidity, microorganisms and natural organic matter (NOM). NOM can be considered a mixture of organic compounds whose major fraction is the one relative to the humic substances. Humic substances are complex, acidic organic molecules formed by the decomposition of plants, animals and microbial material. This video shows the removal of humic substances from model-solution through microfiltration membranes of ITO-02. The model-solution was created by mixing humic acid powder to a litre of water and used pump to circulate the solution to pass through the membrane. We used a clear housing for demo to make sure that the viewer can see the filtration process real-time, filtering that model-solution of humic acid into a clear one. We used additional pump for filming purposes since the solution was made artificially with limited volume, hence pump is necessary for such process. However, IITOYA’s microfilter works at low pressure like tap water pressure, hence ITO-02 does not need additional pump for filtration. The filter uses physical separation technique, where particles larger than the membrane’s pore size will be blocked, and vice versa. The filtration process is chemical-free, easily maintained, requires no electricity; therefore it is the right choice to fulfill your clean water needs at home.

Turbid water can be found everywhere especially on the surface, such as on irrigation, pond, river, etc. Ground water is theoretically less turbid because water is forced to enter series of earth layers, which each has different porosity, and later becomes aquifers. Since the water is naturally filtered by series of earth soils, ground water will have better quality than surface water. However, the earth crusts performance for water filtration varies according to its composition, and contributes on defining ground water composition especially its mineral content.

During dry season where wells are drained in several places, people tend to use surface water such as river or irrigation nearby. However as said earlier, due to its turbidity, the water quality is not fit for sanitation use, hence water treatment is needed to prevent problems such as irritation and so on. The video shows that the water filtration by ITO-02 (microfilter) is able to filter turbid water, which source taken from Selokan Mataram, Jogjakarta