iitoya” focuses on liquid filtration using membrane technology. “iitoya” is derived from Japanese word “ii“- which means good, and a Javanese word -“toya” which means water. We aim to fulfill human basic needs of clean water through our filtration products.

Membrane Technology

We currently presents filtration products for household use at two levels: macrofiltration and microfiltration. Macrofiltration (ITO-01) filters out macro-particles for sanitation use. Microfiltration (ITO-02) filters out turbidity, colloids, bacteria and microorganisms which result can be used for daily consumption

No-Chemical Filtration

The filtration is done through physical separation technique where particles bigger than the membranes’ pore size will be blocked and particles smaller will pass through.

No chemical is used during filtration process, hence it is safe for our body

iitoya also offers filtration products based on adsorption technique for different characteristic of water.

ITO-FE reduces Fe/Mn as well as turbidity and reduce unwanted odor.

ITO-CA reduce water hardness by adsorbing Ca/Mg on the water.

ITO-AS reduces acidity by increasing potential Hydrogen of the water.

ITO-PRE is a polypropylene material used as prefilter for all of iitoya’s products

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