ITO-01 filters out bacteria, colloid, and microorganism for consumption use. The filtration uses physical separation technique to strain harmful substances and no chemical is involved, hence assuring your safety from chemical accumulation inside your body. We recommend combination of ITO-PRE and ITO-01 to prolong the membrane life especially for filtering turbid water. Please note that the filtration result CANNOT be consumed directly if your water source contain heavy metals.


ITO-02 uses membrane Polyvinylidende Difluoride (PVDF) with average pore size of 0.55 ┬Ám. Unlike Reverse-Osmosis system that needs a mandatory pump to operate, PVDF membrane operates at low pressure -like tap water- hence no additional pump is needed


ITO-02 capacity varies according the level of water turbidity to be filtered. The capacity range is 3000 - 4000 litres, equals to Rp 2300/20 liters. The white housing and fiitings can be used as long as possible, and refill cartridge is available at iitoya

how to use

Connect the hose from ITO-02 to your water faucet. Open the tap and let the water streams for 30 minutes. ITO-02 is ready to be used after 30 minutes of flushing. The membrane is saturated when your filter is giving smaller streams, the sign that you must change the cartridge