increasing potential hydrogen (pH) of water



Water with a low pH can be acidic, naturally soft and corrosive. Acidic water can leach metals from pipes and fixtures, such as copper, lead and zinc. It can also damage metal pipes and cause aesthetic problems, such as a metallic or sour taste, laundry staining or blue-green stains in sinks and drains. High levels of lead in drinking water is a primary concern of pH. It places adults at risk for health problems such as cancer, stroke, kidney disease, memory problems and high blood pressure. ITO-AS increases the potential Hydrogen of water by 1 point, and is combined with ITO-02 for daily consumption use


Replacement of media filtration is available at iitoya. The housing, fittings and connectors can be used as long as possible


One cartridge of ITO-AS is able to increase pH level around 1 point. If your water pH is less than 5, we suggest that you use 2-3 cartridges at once to reach normal pH level before entering ITO-02 for bacteria filtration.

how to use

Connect the hose from ITO-AS to your water faucet. Open the tap and ITO-AS can be used directly. If you use ITO-AS with ITO-02, flush your ITO-02 independently for 30 minutes and they are ready to be connected. The filtration media is slowly diluted by water streams so make sure that you add the media when it reach 3/4 part of its full capacity.