IITOYA representative, Tutik, had the chance to visit London as part of the two-week  residential training held annually by the Royal Academy of Engineering

LIF Programme

The LIF programme is a one-year bespoke package of support for innovators. The training is highly tailored to each participant’s unique goals and challenges, as well as covering business fundamentals like business modelling, sales and marketing, leadership, value proposition and finance. The selected cohort will benefit from expert mentoring and support, as well as membership of a thriving LIF alumni community.

Opening by Sarah Gummer
Visiting Indonesian Embassy, London
Everyday classes look like
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Brainstorming session

Two-week Residential Training

The first week of training involves getting familiar with business and entrepreneurship concepts, and building participants skills, knowledge and expertise. There is an emphasis on reaching a balance between technical and business skills development, and also developing participants’ ‘soft’ skills like confidence, communication, resilience and leadership.

The second week focusses on pitch building and practice, in preparation for the final pitch session. Participants work intensively with their mentors to put the first week’s learning into practice developing their business models, setting out a commercialisation plan, and defining their next steps going forward.

Final Day Pitch Showcase

The last day of the programme is a final pitch day, which is the culmination of the two weeks’ work. Each participant presents their innovation to a panel of external judges. Each participant was allocated 3 minutes for presentation, and 4 minutes Q&A. This is followed by an awards ceremony for the top-performing entrepreneurs from each country, and a networking reception to celebrate their success.

IITOYA managed to win the first place for Indonesian fellows in this showcase.

After the residential training, LIF fellows continue to receive individual support from their personal mentor for continued mentoring, advice and support to continue taking their commercialisation plan forward. They will work towards achieving the goals they set while in London, and with the help of on-going support at their home institutions and access of an international network of peer innovators and mentors they will be able to tackle the challenges that arise once they have returned home. The remote support is complemented by in-country events, which bring together participants and alumni to learn from each others’ problems and progress.

Final Pitches Indonesian Fellow
(IITOYA @01:40:10)

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