ITO-01 filters out small particles for sanitation use. The water is free from chemicals hence assuring safety for those with sensitive skin. We recommend combination of ITO-PRE and ITO-01 to prolong the membrane life especially for filtering turbid water


ITO-01 uses membrane Polyethylene Terephtalate with average pore size of 1.4 µm. Aside for sanitation use, ITO-01 can be applied for modern farming, fisheries, laboratorium use, etc.


ITO-01 capacity varies according the level of water turbidity to be filtered. The capacity range is 8000 - 15000 litres. The white housing and fiitings can be used as long as possible, and refill cartridge is available at iitoya

how to use

Connect the hose from ITO-01 to your water faucet. Open the tap and let the water streams for 10 minutes. ITO-01 is ready to be used after 10 minutes of flushing. The membrane is saturated when your filter is giving smaller streams, the sign that you must change the cartridge