“IITOYA launched IIMASK, a membrane-based mask filter to help the community battling off COVID-19”

An estimated 194 billion disposable masks and gloves are being used globally every month as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. A recently published paper on Environmental Advances about surgical face mask degradation in marine environment revealed that single use face mask degrades into micro- and nanoplastic in the ocean, further ingested by marine life. Ease the burden on our environment by using reusable masks whenever possible. IIMASK filter is tested BFE 99% (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency), hence proven effective to filter virus, bacteria and micro particles; breathable, and comfortable to use as filter for reusable mask. We humbly present our technology for your daily protection

Welcome to IITOYA

Membrane based water filtration, made in Indonesia

Tap Water Fitration

The filter is directly connected to water faucet through plastic hose with easy set-up

Excellent Result

The membrane is able to remove colloids and other harmful substances through physical separation process

Self-made Membrane

The filter is made at IITOYA’s workshop, ensuring its availability anytime


Using physical separation through membrane pores instead of chemicals, assuring a safe water for skin & consumption


The filter is a plug-and-play set, connects directly to water faucet without complicated equipment set-up and less tools


Small and lightweight, ensuring high mobility during difficult times such as when natural disaster occurs/emergency


The filter can be used up to 6000 liters, approximately 12-14 months of use for a family of four to five


Drinking water quality standards describes the quality parameters set for drinking water. Despite the truth that every human on this planet needs drinking water to survive and that water may contain many harmful constituents, there are no universally recognized and accepted international standards for drinking water.

Customer Reviews

Thanks iitoya for helping us to find solution to solve our water problem through your products
N Khafidzoh
Transforming turbid water into clear water for our community service project (KKN) at Jambi
R Arya
Student @Yogyakarta
Easy to install. Got fresh water directly from kitchen tap. No smell, no taste, perfect for drinking and cooking. No more buying water outside
N Firdausiyah
Lecturer @Malang
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