reducing water hardness: size l



Water described as “hard” contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk but is a nuisance because of mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures' and poor soap and or detergent performance. When hard water is heated or evaporates, limescale deposits or thin layer of limescale are created so straining is a must. ITO-CAL is able to reduce water hardness up to 98%. Combine ITO-CAL with ITO-02 for daily consumption


Replacement of media filtration is available at iitoya. The housing, fittings and connectors can be used as long as possible


The capacity of ITO-CAL is doubled the ITO-CA. Both are applicable for water faucet/tap. The adsorption capacity of the filtration media is estimated to be 6 - 8 months, depending on the quality of the water source. Always apply ITO-PRE before ITO-CAL to lengthen the adsorption capability

how to use

Connect the hose from ITO-CAL input to your water faucet. Open the tap and let the water flushes the ashes on filtration media. Once the filtration result becomes crystal clear then you can connect ITO-CAL to the next filter, ITO-FEL for example. The filtration media is saturated when your filter is giving smaller streams. Wash your filtration media regularly to avoid agglomeration of particles due to the adsorbed dirt. It is advised to do routine maintenance (flushing or regular washing) to the filtration media to rejuvenate its capability of adsorbing dirt or particles