Lendah district is located at Kulon Progo regency, province of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. The district comprises of 6 villages: Wahyurejo, Bumirejo, Jatirejo, Sidorejo, Gulurejo, and Ngentakrejo.


The population is around 41,140 people, or 11,213 households, in which 35.83% of them is categorized as economically poor. The main occupation is farmer and currently they are developing this district as center of local batik crafting known as batik sembung Kulon Progo.

introducing iitoya

IITOYA was invited to introduce our membrane-based water filtration on their meeting report. We explained about the importance of preserving ground water as well as how to harvest rain water for areas that has lack of ground water supply such as Ngentakrejo village at Lendah district. Apparently during dry season, aside of slacking of ground water both quality and quantity, some of the areas has hard-turbid water. Therefore, beside harvesting rain water, people also need a device to filter out the water to meet health standard.

humic acid filtration

IITOYA demonstrated humic acid filtration as the example of how our membrane-based filtration works, as well as introducing IITOYA’s product line to attendees.

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IITOYA at Lendah, 2019

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