We visited the house of Mrs. Sutinah who has been living with her family in Tempelrejo village, Mondokan, Sragen, Central Java. Sragen is known to have ground water with high water hardness, and some wells’ water are turbid and releasing unwanted odor. The villagers cannot use their own water for daily consumption use, therefore they have to buy water from a water trader for cooking purposes. They normally spent Rp 10,000,- for 60 liters of water, which is lasts for three days. During dry season, people’s demand on clean water is increasing significantly, hence some people couldn’t get the water and have to buy mineral water instead, which is not affordable for their level of income. There were no choice.

IITOYA helps to facilitate easy access to clean water through applying series of iitoya’s filter to this household. The main target is that the family will be independent to provide fresh-clean water of their own. Now the filter unit has been installed, and they are satisfied with the result. Now their water is softened, crystal clear with no odor, just like the water that they bought frequently from the water trader.

IITOYA targets those in need of clean water access and villagers are our main priority. Please contact us if you have the same problem and we will try our best to solve it.

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