nanopore mask filter

iimask, product of indonesia


Get maximum protection from IIMASK when using reusable cloth mask to reduce disposable mask waste


The filter is washable with soapy water and re-use again in your cloth mask

made of durable materials

reduce mask waste

hydrophobic filter


Made of hydrophobic materials, thus rejects fluids such as droplets and aerosols in the air

nanopore technology

The average filter pore size is 100 nm to mechanically filter out dust, pollen, and airborne microorganisms

reduce mask waste

One IIMASK equals to 14 disposable masks, consequently reducing mask waste up to 97%

extra large size

Sized 15 cm x 9 cm, ensuring perfect coverage of both oral and nasal area even when mask position is slightly changed

durable materials

IIMASK is manufactured from high-tensile materials, preventing it from breaking apart


IIMASK filter is washable with soapy water and can be re-used again


A recently published paper on Environmental Advances about surgical face mask degradation in marine environment. Read the full article here:

The actions that you can take to help reverse the tide of face mask waste are simple. Opt for a good quality, reusable, sustainable mask. Stay protected. Make ethical, environmentally-conscious decision

iimask - from toddler to adult

printed mask with filter

We also provide custom-printed mask equipped with IIMASK filter, sized for toddler up to adult. Get a unique, custom made, protective mask only from IIMASK.

idr 29.8k - 35.2k

iimask tsuna
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switching disposable to reusable

eco-friendly choice

iimask - reusable mask with filter

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