The NSTW highlights the significant contributions of science and technology to the Philippine’s national development and has become a platform for heralding science and technology (S&T) advocacy in the country. The important activities of the NSTW include the various awards for basic and applied research, technology transfer, technology commercialization and S&T promotion; scientific meetings, technical and investment forums, technology demonstrations, and technical tours. The Philippine’s NSTW 2019 is held July 17 to 21 at World Trade Center in Pasay City, which aims to give the public a unique experience on how S&T work for a better life.

In this event, 33 start-up representatives from ASEAN countries through ASEAN Business Incubator Network (ABINet) were offered to present their products through NSTW2019 on July 17-18. IITOYA’s representative explained about membrane and its benefit towards our daily life, and made a brief demonstration on how the membrane is able to filter out the water. We used standard membrane testing which requires humic acid solution as the water to be tested. The filtration demo gave clear water result. The visitors were amazed with the water transformation and interested to buy our product. Hopefully iitoya can enter the Philippine’s market as many of them are also facing difficulty for clean water access, just like Indonesian.