Gadjah Mada University requires all their scholars to do a community service program at their final year. The objective of this program is that not only the students can apply their knowledge to the society, but also to train the students on how to blend with the community, especially villagers. The program lasts for several months in various places, and mostly at remote area like the border-side or places where communication and transportation is quite difficult. Considering the positive outcomes this program gives, many universities in Indonesia follow to include this program into their curriculum.

The picture above shows the water from Batanghari river in Jambi, where a group of students are doing their community service. During dry season, as many wells are drained, people tend to use the water from Batanghari river to fulfill their needs. However, the water is not fit for sanitation purposes. This also happens to other areas in Indonesia, where people will utilize water from river or small ponds since their own well is drained. To improve the quality of the water, the students use IITOYA’s filter set in this area. The filtration result is presented below.

If you have common situation as described here, please consult us for choosing the filtration unit that fit best to your water problem.